Red Sex Link

Red Sex Link Hen

Red Sex Links are cross breed chickens that can lay up to 300 eggs per year.  They produce eggs that are a light brown color.  Our Red Sex Link is named Angela.

Plymouth Rock Hen

Plymouth Rocks are American dual-purpose breed chickens used for meat and eggs.  They produce around 200 large brown colored eggs per year.  Our Plymouth Rock is named Kelly.

Plymouth Rock

Welsummer Hen

Welsummers are a Dutch breed of chicken that lay around 160 eggs per year.  They produce dark brown eggs.  Our Welsummer is named Erin.

Cuckoo Maran Hen

Cuckoo Marans are a French dual-purpose breed of chicken.  They produce around 150 small dark brown speckled eggs.  Our Cuckoo Maran is named Jan.

Cuckoo  Maran

Easter Egger Hen

Easter Eggers are mixed breed or "mutt" chickens.  Due to the fact that they possess the "blue egg" gene, they are thought to be descendents of Araucana & Ameraucana breeds.  They can lay up to 250 large blue eggs per year.  Our Easter Egger is named Meredith.

Speckled Sussex Hen

Sussex are an ancient breed, thought to have originated in England.  They lay around 200 light brown eggs per year.  Our Speckled Sussex is named Addie's Revenge.


Golden Laced Wyandotte Hen

Wyandottes are named after a North American tribe found in the Northeast and Canada.  They lay large light brown eggs, up to 200 per year.  Our Golden Laced Wyndotte is named Sweet Josie.


Welsummer Hen #2

Our newest Welsummer is named Shotgun Betty!

Ameraucana Hen

Ameraucanas are American chickens developed from the Araucana breed.  Our Amerucana is a Brown Red Variety and her name is Trixy.  Ameraucanas can lay up to 200 per year.