Factors Affecting Egg Laying

What Factors Affect Egg Laying?

There are a variety of reasons that chickens may stop laying eggs.  Common reasons include:

Inadequate Water – Hens need access to clean water at all times.  They can stop laying eggs if they are without water for even a couple of hours.

Inadequate Nutrition – Hens need access to dry, fresh chicken feed every day.  Lack of access to feed as well as improper nutrition can lead to decreased egg laying.  Imbalances in diet can lead to prolapse which makes egg laying dangerous for hens.

Decreased Daylight – Hens usually require around 14 hours of daylight a day to lay eggs.  During the fall and winter months when there are less daylight hours, hens can decrease the amount of eggs they lay or stop laying altogether.  One alternative is to put a light in the chicken coop that “tricks” the hens into thinking that it is daylight for longer.

High Temperatures – Hens can be in severe danger if temperatures reach over 104 degrees.  Heat stress and dehydration will cause egg production to cease and may lead to death of the hen.  In some situations it may be necessary to replete electrolytes by adding it to the hens water source.

Happy Egg Laying!

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