Breeding Lionheads

The very first outdoor additions to Sweet Dee Farm were two Lionhead rabbits named Andy & Buffy.  Andy was an 8 week old Blue Tort Lionhead Buck and Buffy was a 1.5 year old Sable Point Lionhead Doe.  Buffy was already a proven breeder, meaning she had at least one successful litter of kits (or baby rabbits) prior to joining our farm.  Most breeders suggest waiting until the buck and doe are at least 6 months old to breed them.  We brought Andy and Buffy home in January 2016 and they had their first litter of kits together in June 2016.  Buffy proved to be a very seasoned mother and took great care of her babies!

Doe rabbits start building a nest for their kits several days prior to their due date.  We provided Buffy with a wooden nesting box that she could use to prepare for her babies and several days before they were due, she began pulling out some of her fur and placing it in the nesting box.  She also started taking some of the hay we provided her and putting that in the nesting box as well.  It’s pretty impressive how motivated these “moms” can be, they can build a very comfortable nesting area in a matter of hours!

When kits are born, they are hairless for the first few days and their eyes are tightly shut.  Watching these little guys and girls move around at this stage is comical, they can’t see where they are going!  They usually huddle together for warmth under the straw and fur in the nesting box.  Within the first week they usually have grown enough fur that they don’t need to burrow quite as much.  Within the first two weeks, their eyes open and they can start venturing around the nesting box.  By four weeks, most kits are climbing out of the nesting box and often start eating pellets and hay instead of feeding from the doe.  At eight weeks they are usually weaned from the doe and are completing eating and drinking on their own.  They are also ready to go home with their new families at this age.  Buffy recently had her second litter of kits since being at Sweet Dee Farm and we are enjoying watching the kits grow!  We currently have 5 kits that will turn 8 weeks old on February 1st 2018!
3 Week Old Lionhead Kit

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