Adding New Chickens To A Flock

Due to the fact that adult chickens are more likely to carry disease or infection, the first step is to quarantine your new chickens from your existing flock.  We did this by obtaining a new chicken coop (thanks to our neighbors!) and building an attached chicken run that separated the two flocks with wire fencing.  It was pretty funny watching all the chickens line up on their side of the fence and having a staring contest with the chickens on the other side.  My guess is they were sizing each other up and trying to figure out which chickens would be at the top of the pecking order!

We decided to go ahead and treat the new chickens with dewormer just in case they were infected.  This involved simply pouring liquid dewormer in their drinking water.  Easy!
*It’s important to note that after using liquid dewormer, any eggs that the chickens lay will not be safe for human consumption for at least 10 days.  Some people suggest not consuming the eggs for up to 30 days after treating with dewormer.
Recommendations for how long to quarantine chickens range from 7-31 days.  We brought our new chickens home last Sunday so we are still in the quarantine stage.  We will write a new post once we begin the next step!  Thanks for reading!

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